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wordpress portfolio themes

Who does not like to share the fruit of his work ? That’s right, after all.

You spent dozens of hours studying, developing, transforming, retouching and tweaking all these projects. So why not put them forward on a beautiful wordpress portfolio themes ?

If you read this article, it is because you have arrived at this conclusion.

In addition, if you are a webdesigner, graphic designer, site designer, freelancer, or agency, you need to present your achievements to convince visitors to your site to use your services.

A portfolio is also vital for making yourself known, forming relationships, and integrating into a community.

Where you centralize everything that visitors may need, without the risk that they are distracted by elements that you do not control.

Why use WordPress to do that, will you say? Well thanks to him, you will be able to control what will be displayed on your site from end to end.

We can find your projects, of course, and why not a blog to share resources and your point of view on the evolution of your sector.

In the rest of this article, you will discover what WordPress offers in terms of layout and layouts to create online portfolios.

However, before presenting what you are doing, you have to read these …

5 recommendations before creating your wordpress portfolio theme :

1. Think about your goals : 

If you set up a professional portfolio, you have to think about the people you are targeting. Not all customers are equal

If you target small business  , your positioning will not be the same as for large accounts .

2. Show your best projects : 

A portfolio should not contain all your projects but only those that are relevant to the people you want to reach.

It goes without saying that the student project that you did in first year will not really be at the level of what is expected of you.

3. Be original but keep a simple site : 

Do you know the problem that is often found on portfolios? They are sometimes too creative. It may be interesting to think outside the box, but do not go too far. Otherwise, you risk making your site unreadable.

After, everything depends on your target. If they are accustomed to the web, you can afford more things.

4. Avoid using skills charts : 

If there is one thing that I find ridiculous, it is to see progress bars indicating the skills on certain software or technologies : Nobody is 100% good in a technology, we learn every day. Show only what you master, your specialty, and move on.

5. Do not forget to put calls to action : 

This last point is crucial. However, I see it very little, even on the portfolios of people quite followed. Do not make the same mistake and insert calls to action!

Concretely, a visitor has just consulted one of your projects and arrives at the bottom of the page. Boom, you put a call to action instead of presenting other projects. You also need one on the homepage., The relevant page, and so on.

Remember that all pages in your portfolio should lead to your contact page, otherwise how do you get new projects?

To go further, take a look at these articles, they will help you get a better idea of what a portfolio should contain.

Now that you know more about a good portfolio, you will be able to discover the different kinds of WordPress themes to present your projects.

9 Portfolio WordPress Themes  Types  : 

For you, I scoured the shops WordPress themes in search of what was best.

Even if you do not choose one of these themes, you’ll get a better idea of the variety of template portfolio you need.

Before presenting the results of my research, I wanted to clarify three things. First, I did not individually test the themes presented in this resource.

However, my choices owe nothing to chance. I have selected the ones below, rather than others, because of their design, the features they offer, or the reputation of their authors (for example, through customer reviews).

Then you’ll find that some of these themes are available on Themeforest, the largest platform for selling WordPress themes.


koncept portfolio WordPress themeSimplicity, elegance: I really appreciate this theme. It also gives off a modern side that makes you want to browse (the effect on the photos over the mouse is well thought out).

Note, however, that the original appearance should not be screwed up by using images with too bright colors. Moreover, this remark is valid for any theme , its very good for a portfolio WordPress theme.

Price : 49$      Demo    Get hosting


oshine portfolio wordpress themeRather famous on Themeforest – nearly 20,000 sales at the time of writing this article – Oshine is a refined and sober theme that could also be classified in the family of minimalist themes. Or rather everywhere, in fact.

The reason is simple: it offers forty demos activable in 1 click. They will adapt to many projects (wedding, architecture, restaurant, photography, digital agency etc.).

Well, you understand, we will focus on one of the portfolio demos (there are 4-5 in total).

I really like the sense of detail and the minimalism of this demo. For example, look at the icon that serves as a hamburger menu. The writing font used (Work Sans) also returns a dynamic image.

On the features side, Oshine has a visual builder (page builder) named Tatsu and offers many options (hover effects, compatibility with WooCommerce, carousel, lightbox, different styles for the menu and the header etc.).

Price : 59$      Demo    Get hosting


north portfolio wordpress themeFor a portfolio WordPress theme and To make sure your visitors do not lose the North, this theme goes straight to the point. As soon as you arrive on the home page, we come face to face with the portfolio .

The predominance of the white and the spacing between the projects make it possible to distinguish the different illustrations. This also airs the presentation, which is not negligible.

It is possible to add a header text to present your projects, for example. It’s also the perfect place to add a call to action.

Finally, it is of course possible to customize the colors and fonts, to adapt this theme to his personality.

Price : 59$      Demo     Get hosting



Cluster is a portfolio WordPress theme with more character than the previous one. This is certainly due to the image placed in the header.

If you choose this theme, take care not to use a clear picture. You could make the text unreadable.

It is possible to dynamically filter the elements of the portfolio (except on the home page). On each project, you will have the opportunity to turn the “Go to Project” button into a superb call to action to contact you.

Price : 44$      Demo     Get hosting


koi portfolio wordpress themeThis theme puts the package so much on the display of portfolio projects, that one hardly distinguishes the sidebar containing the menu, on the left.

Well, I’m exaggerating a bit. But this is in stark contrast to the other themes presented so far. In any case, it is rather successful and original.

To fully use Koi, you will need to install the free Bean portfolio extension. Indeed, it is good practice for the features of a theme to be included in plugins. Congratulations to the ThemeBeans store who made this bold choice.

Price : 79$      Demo     Get hosting


uncode portfolio wordpress themeA bit like Oshine, Uncode is a very flexible knife-Swiss theme. It offers many demos and 11 of them can be used to create a portfolio.

I particularly liked the one displaying a tiled photo gallery on the homepage.

You will notice the attention to detail and simplicity (in the positive sense) of this theme. Of course, it will be necessary to have quality photos not to ransack it.

The effects on mouse over (darkening and appearance of a small cross) are superb and I appreciated the variety of templates and modules available (slider, grid, masonry, carousel etc.), as well as the different types of menus (8 in total).

Uncode is compatible with WooCommerce and comes bundled with several premium plugins like the Visual Composer or Revolution Slider wich will be great for your portfolio WordPress theme

Price : 59$      Demo     Get hosting

Grand Portfolio : Portfolio WordPress

grand portfolio wordpress themeGrand Portfolio is a multi-function theme. A dozen demos are available and activatable in 1 click.

On the chosen model, the portfolio is displayed just below the welcome image.

The portfolio page has a filterable view and shows projects like masonry.

This theme has a lot of elegance, like the Blog part, very sober and without sidebar.

Many features are also included: different layouts for the header, shortcodes, mega menu and WooCommerce compatibility. Grand Portfolio also includes the revolutionary Revolution Slider plugin.

Price : 59$      Demo     Get hosting

Navy – MultiPurpose Multi-Concept wordpress portfolio theme

navy portfolio wordpress themeNavy is a clean and uncluttered theme. Thanks to 12 demos of homepages activated in 1 click, you will be able to present your services as you wish, whatever your field.

I liked the multiple pages already ready to use (Services, Contact, About, FAQ etc.) to save you time during the creation process.

For your Portfolio, you will have only one choice of layout, in the form of a filterable gallery. But it is well designed and sober.

Price : 59$      Demo     Get hosting

Jevelin : Multi-Purpose wordpress portfolio theme

jevelin portfolio wordpress theme

This complete theme will be perfect to tell the story of your company and highlight your achievements.

More than 20 demos ready to create a custom design. In particular, there are two homepage templates for your very attractive Portfolio, if you wish.

If you choose a classic layout, you will have a portfolio in the form of a filterable gallery on the homepage.

Regarding the Portfolio page itself, I liked the many layout options. There is a dozen in total (masonry, minimalist, overlay, gallery etc.).

For those who do not know how to code, the theme integrates a visual constructor in real time to edit your content. It is also compatible with WooCommerce, if you want to market products.

Price : 59$      Demo     Get hosting

GridStack – Responsive portfolio WordPress Theme

gridstack-portfolio-wordpress-themeI could have classified GridStack in the category of masonry portfolio themes (the difference between categories is often slim) but I find a small corporate side that led me to make this choice.

In terms of the possibilities offered by this theme, there is the choice to display projects across the width of the screen or the width of the default site.

Note: a slideshow in text format is present upon arrival on the homepage. It’s not very common to report it. The idea is not necessarily bad, but we do not necessarily have the reflex to scroll the content.

Price : 49$      Demo     Get hosting

AVA : Portfolio wordpress  Theme

ava portfolio wordpress theme

I spoke to you about originality, well with the theme Ava we are served! The home page integrates your projects with a rather chaotic masonry layout.

This portfolio is filterable thanks to the black button in the form of a funnel, located at the top right. But open your eyes to notice!

You can also insert a slide show with nice pictures to put the visitor in the mood.

When we want to open what we think is the main menu, we end up with something that we do not expect, that is to say a kind of mini-site One Page that will be displayed in sliding from the left in which we can find many things.

At the blog level, the layout is also avant-garde. I guarantee you it will disturb more than one. As I told you, this is to be reserved for an informed public.

Price : 59$      Demo     Get hosting