wordpress ecommerce plugins ? WordPress has been around for a while now! From a simple blogging platform, it has become a full-fledged CMS with powerful e-commerce capabilities.

With the right extensions, you can make WordPress a multi-functional e-commerce. Each of the plugins mentioned below has its own strengths and weaknesses, some will fit your needs well and will suit you more than others …

Let’s see now the 25 best eCommerce plugins to create your shop with WordPress.

1- wordpress ecommerce plugins : WooCommerce : 

wordpress e-commerce

The best known of them, Woocommerce, is perfect for setting up both a small and a large e-commerce company in a very short time. You can sell physical and / or digital products, ship them wherever you want, and track your sales performance and customer profiles. In addition to being free, it is also open source and as flexible as necessary.

2.wordpress ecommerce plugins : WP eCommerce

wordpress e-commerce

This tool is not intended for novice developers, it is advisable to be already in the world of HTML & CSS. The good news is that if you have reached such a level of practice, you have access to the unlimited potential of this plugin. WP eCommerce is perfectly compatible with popular carriers, so the e-commerce experience runs smoothly for both the seller and the buyer. Moreover, it is secured by the SSL protocol.

3.wordpress ecommerce plugins : Easy Digital Downloads :

wordpress e-commerce easy digital downloads

This plugin focuses primarily on the sale of digital products and other types of paperless products. What makes this plugin so effective is that it does not try to confuse you with lots of choices for your site.

However, Easy Digital Downloads remains faithful to all the important aspects related to the sale of digital products, such as the payment history, the bundle sale, the possibility of setting up variable prices for a single product, to add several files in one download, and many more great possibilities!

4.wordpress ecommerce plugins :  Jigoshop


wordpress e-commerce jigshop

This plugin offers a complete set of solutions for any type of e-commerce site. It is supported by a team of professional developers, with many years of experience and available at any time to provide useful tips and tricks. This plugin is designed for all kinds of products: digital products, variable products (for example a product that has many shapes or sizes), affiliate products or bundled products.

It delivers detailed reports on the performance of your store, it can manage your inventory, and offer you other extensions to optimize your Jigoshop experience.

5.wordpress ecommerce plugins : Shopp

wordpress e-commerce shopp

This plugin focuses primarily on the flexibility of your WordPress site. It puts at your disposal a solid security system to protect your shop and your customers from threats. It dramatically improves the loading time of catalogs, which can display millions of products.

To start, Shopp offers you templates that help you to take in hand easily the plugin, and this allows you later to have a professional use. You can add a lot of features and improve these templates the way you want.

6.wordpress e-commerce :  MarketPress :

wordpress e-commerce marketpresse

MarketPress is an elegant solution for your customers. This free tool alone brings together a multitude of functions found in many plugins, so you do not need to install other extensions. It offers the main payment systems, as well as the most used currencies. To allow you to have a quality design, it is compatible with all WordPress themes. Finally, it accepts an unlimited number of variations of products, and many other things. This plugin is easy to learn.

7.wordpress ecommerce plugins : Cart66

wordpress e-commerce cart66

Security level, Cart66 is the best WordPress plugin! You do not even have to worry about the security of your shop. The plugin does the job for you and you can focus on the profitability of your business. It provides a built-in billing system that works perfectly with any type of payment, an email center for sending newsletters, and online subscriptions. You can even sell music with your WordPress!

8.wordpress ecommerce plugins :  iThemes Exchange’s Simple E-Commerce :

wordpress e-commerce ithemes exchange

This plugin promises you that you can launch your e-commerce site in five minutes, and you can believe it! All you have to do is install the plugin, activate it, configure the payment methods and add your products. It’s not more complicated than that!

Product creation is more intuitive than other tools, because its advanced features are implemented in add-ons that are only visible when you need them. Nevertheless, this plugin only supports two payment methods, Paypal and Stripe, but they are popular enough that you can do without others.

9.wordpress ecommerce plugins : WP EasyCart

wordpress e-commerce wp easy cart

This plugin allows you to easily install the shopping cart essential to any e-commerce site. You can download the software on your desktop, PC, Mac, iPad and Android, to manage your cart wherever you are. It supports all types of payment, you can set up 7 different languages, set up coupons and promotions, integrate Google Analytics to get accurate reports, and create share buttons for each of your products.

10.wordpress ecommerce plugins : Selz

wordpress e-commerce selz

The biggest strength of this plugin is that you do not need to write a single line of code to set up your e-commerce. You can create your online store in minutes and even extend the sales experience on social networks by creating a free shop on Facebook. The plugin also offers a shopping cart that offers the best features to increase your sales.

11.wordpress ecommerce plugins : CartPress

wordpress e-commerce cartpress

The CartPress plugin can have several uses: basket, catalog, framework. It’s a flexible and scalable plugin that you can customize as much as you want. It can be integrated 100% in all WordPress sites.

Use it to make sales abroad, by customizing the price format and adapting your products to international weight units and taxes. Create richly detailed product sheets with a wide variety of fields (snippets, content, comments, images, author, date, etc.). CartPress also customizes the URLs of your products to optimize your SEO.

12.wordpress ecommerce plugins : Cashie 

wordpress e-commerce cashieInstall the Cashie plugin so you can immediately start selling eBooks, music, clothes, and even digital services or products. From your WordPress admin interface, you can manage the sale of your products, the security of your store, promotions and discounts.

Its free use is limited in duration, but its price is adapted to its functionalities. This plugin is easy to customize and adapt to any WordPress theme, it allows you to create as many variations of products as you want, to bring traffic to your site via the BitDazzle Marketplace or Google Shopping list, or to see the shipping rates of the most commonly used carriers, such as FedEx or UPS.

13.wordpress ecommerce plugins : Ecwid

wordpress e-commerce ecwid

By installing Ecwid, you can start selling your products on a large scale whenever you want. It works with major carriers, such as FedEx, and automatically calculates the shipping costs for each product. The taxes available for Canada, the United States and the VAT of the European Union are automatically calculated.

In addition to that, Ecwid helps you set up a Facebook store to immediately sell to millions of social network users. It’s so easy to use that you can manage your sales directly from your smartphone!

14.wordpress ecommerce plugins : DukaPress :

wordpress e-commerce dukapress

DukaPress will boost the stability and speed of your site because this plugin exploits the best features of WordPress.

It focuses on physical products without neglecting digital products. It offers a very intuitive and customizable graphical interface, for better product management and a payment page that does not disrupt the user experience on your site. If you want to expand your revenue stream, this plugin also allows you to affiliate and promote popular products from other companies.

15.wordpress ecommerce plugins : WP Shop

wordpress e-commerce wp shop

WP Shop is a 100% French-speaking e-commerce plugin! This simple and fast solution is a real interesting alternative to WooCommerce. Like its competitors, it offers different payment methods (possibility to add it through free and / or paid add-on), it allows you to configure many delivery methods. Product management is powerful: you can sell downloadable products, create multiple product variations, add a specific shipping cost for a product, automatically add a product to the cart when another is ordered, manage the display of information of the product (you can for example hide the price and the purchase button of a specific product), and you have access to many other interesting features.

But it is with its cash register software that WP Shop differs from its competitors. Indeed, if you have a physical store in addition to your e-commerce, you can synchronize the stocks of your point of sale and your site, and manage them with the same cash register software. This free system allows you to manage everything directly from your site, it’s easier and it can save you a lot of time!

Check out a top 10 most popular WooCommerce Plugins .

Wishlist :

 Wishlist allows to  customers of your Woocommerce site to add items to a wish list. Wishlists can be a powerful lever for your sales if your customers share them, especially on social networks.

Installed: + 400,000 times

Stripe Payment Gateway : WooCommerce Plugin

Stripe Payment Gateway woocommerce pluginenjoy the famous secure payment solution directly on your WooCommerce website and offer your customers many ways to pay.

Installed: + 100,000 times

Ajax Search : WooCommerce Plugin

Ajax product search woocommerce pluginAjax Search integrates into your site a high-performance search bar that automatically suggests products from your store.

Installed: + 100,000 times

Compare :

compare woocommerce pluginCompare allows customers to compare different products from your online store. Your articles are all saved in a very useful table to see their characteristics.

Installed: + 100,000 times

Ajax Product Filter : WooCommerce Plugin

ajax product filter woocommerce pluginWith Ajax Product Filter you can  set up custom filters to help your customers find exactly what they’re looking for on your WooCommerce store.

This improves the user experience of your site.

Installed: + 90,000 times

Zoom Magnifier : WooCommerce Plugin

Zoom magnifier woocommerce plugin

Zoom Magnifier allows visitors to your WooCommerce site to zoom in on photos of your products to see the smallest details.

Installed: + 90,000 times

PDF Invoices & Packing Slips : WooCommerce Plugin

PDF Invoices & Packing Slips woocommerce pluginWith this plugin, you can automatically send an invoice in PDF format in your order confirmation emails. It also makes it easy to edit and print your invoices from your site. A real time saver.

Installed: + 60,000 times

Multilingual : WooCommerce Plugin

Multilingual woocommerce pluginMultilingual is the simplest way to get a multilingual WooCommerce site.

This plugin can translate not only the names and descriptions of your products, but also emails to your customers. Ideal if you want to sell internationally.

Installed: + 50,000 times

Menu Cart : WooCommerce Plugin

menu cart woocommerce pluginWith Menu Cart, you can add a “Shopping Cart” button in the navigation bar of your site in the blink of an eye.

Depending on the options you choose, the button can also display the number of products in the basket, the amount of purchases, etc.

Installed: + 40,000 times

Checkout Manager : WooCommerce Plugin

Checkout Manager woocommerce pluginWith Checkout Manager, customize the shopping tunnel of your site to be the most adapted and the most effective to prevent your customers from abandoning their shopping cart before ordering.

Installed: + 40,000 times



Here is this list of the 15 best e-commerce plugins coming to an end, these plugins are growing rapidly and are constantly evolving. Choose the one that will bring to your site the assets it needs to improve your performance and sales;)