Optimize the SEO for a WordPress site  is by far the most popular platform for publishing content on the internet with at least 30% of sites using a CMS (Content Management System) in the world . Have you ever visited a website that took an eternity  to load ? On the net, the term eternity is equal to 2 or 3 seconds. Your reaction to probably was to leave the page as quickly as you got there. this is what your users reserve if you do not optimize its loading speed to the maximum. Do not panic ! We are here to show you how it is possible to improve the lot of your website easily and tips to speed up wordpress performance . If WordPress is used so much, it comes from the fact of its ease of use but also its performance in SEO (SEO), become essential for the content we publish has a chance to be read or even seen among the billions of content available on the Internet and the passage almost forced by the search engines including the all-powerful Google. If naturally WordPress is powerful in SEO, some plugins also allow to go further. In the first place, the SEO of a WordPress is synonymous with the use of one of the 2 plugins “stars”: All in One SEO or Yoast. The web is full of comparisons and arguments to use the first or the second. Their differences? Yoast is more “automatic” and handles absolutely everything while All in One Seo allows you to fine-tune the settings of each post or page with rather general summary settings. With the 2 plugins, we can adjust : – The title SEO or “title tag” and the description of the site in general, for the web and for social networks (which it is advisable to differentiate to have more buzz “buzz” on social networks). – The form of the SEO title and the description of the category pages (from the name of this one for example), for the web and for social networks. – The form of the SEO title and the description of posts and pages (from the name and / or main category and / or keywords and / or generalities of the site). For each post or page, features can be added (again for the web and for social networks). This last point is very important because often, at the post level, a catchy title for the human can be a little less good in SEO. All in One SEO and Yoast are also used to link the blog and to put back information from Search Console (the Google site verification tool), to directly optimize the robots.txt and htaccess files. of course to create a sitemap, this file in xml format that we submit to Google, Bing and others with the hope that the engines will take into account all existing pages.

wordpress seo – Broken links and 404 error : 

The bigger the site, the more likely it is to have broken links and 404 errors (non-existent pages). The Broken Link Checker plugin allows you to scan the site permanently and list broken links. We can then correct the problems quickly (by removing the link altogether or by modifying it). When broken links reveal missing pages internally and there are many errors of the same nature, we can use a redirection plugin (like Redirection) that will automatically change the bad links or bad urls into good urls.

wordpress seo – Loading speed : 

The speed of loading a site and therefore the loading time of web pages have become an important criterion in SEO. Performance in this area can easily be assessed with multiple online tools, including https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/, which gives you the opportunity to improve page speed. Often problems are at the WordPress template (transformed or not), images of the site, plugins and server. First, the template can slow down the loading time if it has not been optimized by its creator or by those who have transformed or adapted. First, the template can slow down the loading time if it has not been optimized by its creator or those who have transformed or adapted. We must take care to choose a template optimized for SEO but also, if you want to change, to transform it with rigor (so creating a template child), with the correct css. Quite often, the right templates can be adapted without changing the code, thanks to the many settings they offer. Secondly, the images pose problems of loading performance because they take a long time to load. We can solve this problem by optimizing images upstream but we can also use a compression plugin like EWWW Image Optimizer or WP Smush. Then, some plugins can cause performance problems because they use a lot of resources (as typically the WPML plugin or the Jetpack plugin). The plugin P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) allows you to examine the performance of plugins and easily determine which ones take the most resources. Thus, we can either remove them or optimize them. In general, avoid having more than 30 plugins on a Wodpress site. In many cases, you need to compress css, javascripts and other codes that may require resource and time. Some plugins like Autoptimize do it quite easily, saving you load time.

wordpress seo – Cleaning and security :

Some plugins like WP Optimize make it easy to clean the database of the site easily and regularly. Moreover, without being a specialist, via the interface of the host, we have easy access to PHP MyAdmin tool that will correct any errors in the database and thus prevent blockages or problems serious. A plugin like WordFence makes it easy to secure the site and prevent it from being a victim of robots or script kiddies that would make it banned from search engines and even make it inaccessible.

wordpress seo – https ?

Going to https has become almost indispensable since Google has announced that it will “privilege” https sites. No specific data proves that passing your site in https has a real impact on seo. Nevertheless, it does not cost much to do so, bearing in mind that if we use a free ssl certificate available to all, the added value will be less than if we use a more powerful ssl certificate (and pay). In addition, securing your site will be greatly enhanced.

Optimize the SEO for a WordPress site – Mobile : 

The visibility of a site on mobile has become a standard for a “good” site. Most current templates take into account this aspect “responsive” but even more with Google, having AMP pages seems to be an even more interesting criterion in SEO. For this, nothing more simple in WordPress: we can use the AMP plugin of Automattic or AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages created by the Kaludi (which has more parameters possible) and AMP pages are done in a snap. ‘eye.

wordpress seo – Search Console : 

Whatever the plugins used, it is essential to declare the site in Search Console. This free Google service will not only give site statistics (and much more readable than Google Analytics for those who do not have time to analyze the data of this tool) but will also see the errors that Google sees, how it considers the site (number of pages taken into account, number of images taken into account, keywords considered) as well as some tools to suggest to Google some characteristics of the site (enriched data, pages amp, etc., etc.) ..)

Speed Up WordPress Performance

Identify what you need to work on to speed up WordPress Performance : Do not panic ! We are here to show you how it is possible to improve the lot of your website easily and tips to speed up wordpress performance Before deploying efforts on optimizing the loading speed of a site, it is necessary to find the elements that are the cause of the non-performance.   To do this, use the free tool for developers, PageSpeed Insights Google. This one will indicate you exactly the points to be improved, that it is on the mobile or desktop version of your site. Remember, there are some principles that enhance the user experience more than others. Factors that affect the velocity of a site Some items are almost always a problem in terms of loading speed if they are not supported. First, it is important to invest a good part of your budget on a quality hosting site. The primary role of a host is to offer a broadband connection and increased security of its customers’ sites. Your hosting site can have a negative impact on your SEO if it fails both tasks. When making your choice, it will be good to look at all the options available to you. Among these are dedicated servers and shared servers. Dedicated servers are often more efficient since they serve only one website at a time. In many cases, shared hosts are less expensive, but also offer less power. Another point is how do you make the linkbuilding of your site, whether it is internal or external. Indeed, it is important to include the slash at the end of a hyperlink. For example, one should use http://www.magiktheme.wordpress-themes/ and not http://www.magiktheme.wordpress-themes. This avoids unnecessary redirect 301 to the server and instead refer directly to the correct page of the site. There are also other things to consider to maximize the loading speed of a site that have a big impact on SEO.

Plugins to speed up WordPress Performance : 

Here is an exhaustive list of 4 plugins compatible with WordPress that will increase the loading speed of your site : 1- BJ Lazy Load : Filters the amount of content that is loaded at the same time on the page visited by a user, depending on how fast it scrolls the page. 2- EWWW Image Optimizer : This plugin makes it possible to compress an image and optimize it, in addition to selecting the most appropriate format (JPG, PNG, etc.). As a bonus, this one is totally free. 3- WP Fastest Cache : One of the best WordPress cache systems, with more than 400,000 active installations so far. WPFC is easy to install and is updated regularly. 4- WP Super Minify : Great extension for WordPress sites that use a lot of HTML, JavaScript or CSS files as it compresses and combines them quickly, for an improved loading speed.