How to install wordpress easily on your server ?

Thanks to WordPress it is now possible for everyone to create their blog or website at low cost. But how to overcome the many barriers to install wordpress CMS when you want to have a powerful site, offering a resource management facilitated, and an exemplary scalability? Let’s discover together how to successfully install wordpress CMS on your host.

install wordpress easily : What is WordPress ?

WordPress has established itself as one of the tenors of the CMS. Its simplicity of installation, use, community activity and constant updates make it the most popular CMS in the world.

In order to help you too to get into the adventure of the net and have your own dynamic website, we have made a tutorial allowing you to install WordPress with ease.

This one done in 4 steps allows you to perform a WordPress installation step by step and at your own pace.

install wordpress easily – Prerequisites for installing WordPress

install wordpress easily : In this guide we will try to explain as simply as possible the different steps required to install WordPress.

However, in order to be able to install and use the CMS safely we have chosen to make a brief reminder of the resources you must have before embarking on the adventure.

Download the WordPress installation files:

Without them, nothing is possible. This is where the whole system rests. It is therefore essential to have previously downloaded this set of files.

One of the French reference sites on WordPress provides Internet users with a translated version of the CMS. It can be downloaded for free at any time.

Download WordPress

The hosting server:

You will also need to have a place to store files related to the functioning of WordPress. The term used is server. In our case, it is recommended to use a so-called apache server. You can provide one (often rented) from many providers such as OVH, Gandi, Godaddy.

Get Hosting

To install wordpress easily you must have a host including:

PHP 4.3 or later
MySQL 4.0 or later
The apache url rewrite module

install wordpress easily –  FTP

In order to connect to this server you will also have to use a software called “FTP” (for file transfer protocol). This will allow you to upload your files from your computer to your server. We recommend using the little brother of firefox,Filezilla . Its  quite simple, and very well documented..


Install the wordpress folder on your server:

Once these files are downloaded, you must transfer the contents of the WordPress archive to your server (via your FTP software).

To do this, connect to your web server, and using the navigation tree position yourself on your web folder.

On your desktop, unzip the wordpress file, you will get a folder of the same name (WordPress).

Warning : To avoid ending up with a file extension like yourdomainname / wordpress /, select only the contents of the folder (the content, not the folder itself)

Filing files (also called uploading) may take some time, depending on your internet connection (usually between 3 and 15 minutes).

While your files are uploading quietly to your server, take the opportunity to read the rest of the tutorial.

Once the upload is done, we can attack the installation phase itself.

To start the installation, go to the root of your site ( or in the folder on which you have deposited WordPress (for example:

install wordpress easily – Create a configuration file

WordPress will ask you to create a configuration file. You just have to click on the button “Create a configuration file” and read the following information.

In the second step we attack the “critical” phase of the installation. Errors are usually made here.
You will have to enter here the connection parameters to your database. This information is provided by either your host or your network administrator.

Several fields are to fill:

Database Name : The name of the database where you want to install WordPress
User Name : Your MySQL identifier
Password : Your MySQL password
Database HOST : If localhost does not work, ask your host
Table Prefix : As a security measure, it is best to modify this field giving it the prefix you want

Then click OK.

If you have strictly followed the information provided to you, you should have no problem with the validation of this step. Otherwise, do not hesitate to try again or (if the problem persists) ask for loan assistance from our WordPress developers.

install wordpress easily – General  WordPress Configuration :

We will here choose the important parameters of our site:

The title of the site : This one will be indicated on the pages that will see your visitors, choose it with care. However, remember that you can change it at any time.
The administrator’s identification field : For security reasons, we recommend that you do not put Admin but a slightly more complex identifier.
The password field : as WordPress tells you, must be at least 7 characters with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols like! “? $% ^ &). Note the good because it will not be sent to you in the summary by email. If you forget it, you can modify it with a password change request.

Email address : This will be the main email address of the site administrator. However, remember that you can change it at any time.
Check the box appear in the search engines: if you want your site to appear in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc.
Then click on Install WordPress.

You will receive by email the confirmation of the creation of a new wordpress site. Note that you will only be reminded here of the site url and your login to log in as administrator (admin). Your password is known to you alone.

Remember to secure your wordpress after installation!
At this stage of the installation, your site is operational. A small step is however still necessary for this one to give you complete satisfaction. Go to your FTP and delete the / install folder (delete the entire folder). It is also possible for this step to rename the folder instead of deleting it. You can now log in to the admin interface that will be available at The current management actions of your site will happen via this administration panel.


The installation of your WordPress site is now complete!