How to install WordPress locally

Creating a website locally has a major advantage over how quickly you will develop and test your website. No need to upload each file after each change you make and almost instant loading.
If you’d rather develop your site online, we suggest you follow our tutorial on how to create a WordPress blog. This one will show you step by step How to install WordPress locally.


1. Start local installation of WordPress

To get started, you need to download and install software such as MAMP if you have a Mac or XAMPP if you are in the Windows environment. For this tutorial, I used a Mac and so, MAMP.
Once installed, open MAMP.

Then click on “Start Servers”. Once the button flashes green, you’re ready to start! MAMP should open the default start page in your browser. Otherwise, just click on “Open WebStart page” to get to this page:

install wordpress local server homepage