We have picked for you the 25 Best WordPress themes for blogs in 2019 !

WordPress is bloggers’ favorite blog platform because of its flexibility and powerful features. WordPress sites easily customizable and offers all the flexibility required to build all types of online blogs. To make the choice of one of best wordpress themes for blog, base your criteria on the visual style of the template as well as the features offered with it.

In 2019, more and more theme developers keep in mind that speed of loading plays a key role in the user experience , as well as in the positioning of sites in search engines. Especially for a blog! As a reader, it takes a minimum of loading speed, otherwise, you lose me!

All topics in this list are of course suitable for mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets. It is not negotiable anymore! A blog written on a website that must be zoomed with the rights is more than discouraging!

Even if there are wordpress themes for blogs available online for free, using a premium WordPress theme for your blog will be your best investment. You have no idea how many times and frustrations can be avoided by buying a professional theme. Good research!


Kalium : one of the best WordPress themes for blogs

Kalium is one of the most elegant themes I have found so far on a premium theme shopping site. His demos are amazing, his portfolios are breathtaking and his personal blog examples are all just noteworthy! To consider absolutely in your choices ; simply one of the best wordpress themes for blogs

Price : 60$      More details / Demo  Get hosting


NovaBlog : best WordPress themes for blogs

Do not necessarily rely on the image of the theme presented above. Go watch the demos offered, because the visual style changes a lot from one demo to another.

Novablog is one of my favorite discoveries of 2019. If you’re looking for a wordpress themes for blogs , no matter what type you want, Novablog is a serious option to consider. This one offers you 18 different interfaces suitable for all kinds of imaginable blogs (vlog, culinary, sophisticated, news, lifestyle, travel, fashion, artistic, home decoration and much more!).

You will be able to display image galleries under 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns, add your Instagram images by taking the whole width of the screen, add a page for online registration, etc.

Price : 49$      More details / Demo  Get hosting


Gillion : Wordpress themes for blogs – Multi-Concept Magazine

The strength of Gillion Multi-Concept lies in its simplicity and elegance. Indeed, unlike other themes, it is not a manufacturer to create dozens and dozens of different types of websites. Except what Gillion does, he does it wonderfully! This is an excellent personal blog template that can also be used as an online magazine. The demos show you all the possible changes you can make with the blocks of content. And finally, the template also includes Visual Composer and Mailchimp for WordPress.

Price : 49$      More details / Demo  Get hosting


MagPlus : Wordpress themes for blogs – Magazine

MagPlus is one of the best wordpress themes for blogs ; an ideal for an online magazine type blog. Indeed, if you plan to create a website for recipes, fashion, travel, sports or to write articles for any other type of subject. Above all, do not limit your imagination to the image we present you of the theme. Instead, see the 40 demos available with the theme to understand all the possibilities!

Price : 59$      More details / Demo  Get hosting


Rosemary : Wordpress themes for blogs

Rosemary is a high quality WordPress theme. It is perfect for blogging and is designed to complement and enhance your artistic content. It reaches the peaks of elegance via the path of simplicity balancing high performance and user-friendliness. Going against the dark and gloomy trend of some sites, Rosemary is clear and uncluttered. It includes many popular features such as the featured area slider and full width Instagram footer areas. It offers an abundance of options for layouts and posts. This theme will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression to the visitors of your page.

Price : 49$      More details / Demo  Get hosting


Typology :  WordPress themes for blogs

Typology is a theme that focuses its efforts on putting your content in the foreground. Indeed, its minimalist design is sleek and very elegant, putting your items in the spotlight. Although in the first images of the demo we do not see any images, the theme offers the possibility to integrate photographs in an equally elegant way.

This is a website template that I recommend more to writers, journalists, or any other type of blog that focuses more on content writing.

Price : 49$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



JannahWordPress Themes For a Personal blog – Newspaper Magazine

If you’re looking for a different theme for different types of wordpress themes for blogs, Jannah is interesting. Indeed, the different styles of his demos demonstrate the versatility offered by this template. In terms of features, you will find everything you are looking for for a personal blog, travel or photographs.

A feature out of the ordinary is the ability to add sticky videos, that is to say, who can stay at the top of the web page when a user scrolls up and down. Like on Facebook actually! The responsive is also well integrated and makes browsing mobile platform fun.

Price : 59$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



Divi – WordPress Themes For a Personal blog

Divi is a versatile and multi-faceted WordPress website theme with unbridled creativity and expressiveness, visually stunning and technologically innovative, harmonious and structured very carefully, extremely modern and enthusiastic, adapted to social media and retina-ready, customizable easily and intuitively navigable, clean and readable, streamlined and adaptive. Divi is a particularly flexible and malleable WordPress theme, developed specifically to meet the needs of modern web site development – personal, corporate, professional or commercial – via a universal solution with ease and sustainable homogeneity.

Divi is efficient and fast, flexible and robust for challenging, appealing and engaging situations to enthuse a wide audience and wonderfully intuitive for webmasters with or without previous programming experience. Thus, they can make the most of Divi without coding a single line. Divi achieves this through Divi Builder, a visual page editor made up of blocks. Webmasters of all stripes like to use Divi Builder for its simplicity and efficiency, they can deploy more than 40 configurable content modules as they see fit on any page and section. With these features, Divi is a smart choice for webmasters who want to create engaging and successful blogs. Try Divi today and unleash your creative talents around the world!

Price : 89$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



The LeagueWordPress Themes For a Personal blog – Sports News & Magazine

The League is a theme specially designed for sports blogs. You’ll find different theme-specific modules to display sports match results, videos, game schedules and much more. You will also be able to diffuse all sorts of advertising banners as well as a wallpaper banner.

Price : 59$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



KLEOWordPress Themes For a Personal blog – Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

In the category of the most complete WordPress themes, Kleo is positioned in the best of class!  this theme offers so many features and possibilities that it has been downloaded more than 16,000 times on ThemeForest and is rated at 4.72 out of 5 stars by community members! It can be used as a personal blog site, as an online store, community site and much more!

Price : 59$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



The ReaderWordPress Themes For a Personal blog

The Reader is an ideal WordPress theme for people who want to create extraordinary web pages. It offers several useful functions and attractive colored sidebars. Each option can expand the capabilities of your site and improve your chances of success. Multilingual pages are generally more successful because they are aimed at a wider audience. Fortunately, you will be able to translate your site in full since The Reader is WPML and RTL-ready.

The latest update has added a nice variation of homepage and a sidebar option on the left. 6 main color palettes, all relaxing for the eyes, are available. The Reader is fully adaptive, so users of portable devices will not be bothered by resizing or compatibility errors. Your site will throw it on all operating systems, devices and web browsers.

If any problem occurs, do not hesitate to contact the support staff. Also, if you want to research this theme and its features, you have access to the vast source of documentation. It is informative and very well written. Each option and parameter is accessible since it is useless to modify the code. With The Reader, even a child can create a successful site.

Price : 49$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



ViseoWordPress Theme For a Personal blog – Podcast Theme

If you plan to create a website with a lot of video content, Viseo is worth considering. Indeed, the theme was created specifically for vlogs and podcasts. Adding these types of content is effortless using YouTube or adding these directly to your server.

Price : 59$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



BrixtonWordPress Themes For a Personal blog – Podcast Theme

Brixton is a minimalist and awesome blog theme for WordPress. Its very creative and captivating design can enhance your blog. No need to be a programmer to enjoy this great product: Brixton is very easy to use. Long pages to load can quickly reduce the interest of your visitors. Fortunately, this theme loads very quickly thanks to the optimized code and the lightened layout. During the last update, Font Awesome icons were added to enrich its visual and improve its flexibility. In addition, these icons are compatible with Retina High Resolution displays.

The minimalist implementation eliminates all the elements that clutter the page. It perfectly complements your content and eliminates unnecessary animations and slideshows. Your site will be readable and easy to navigate. However, developers are committed to reviewing all new feature queries. Beautiful pages are useless if no one can see them. Fortunately, Brixton is optimized for search engines, ensuring that your site is at the top of the search engine rankings. It offers an unlimited number of color customization options, allowing for many aesthetic variants. This theme works great on all platforms, including tablets and smartphones.

Price : 49$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



The Voux – WordPress Themes For a Personal blog

The Voux is a very responsive, retina-ready and clean blog theme for WordPress. All pages are fully customizable via the Visual Composer, which makes it possible to generate user-friendly headers, mega-menus using tags, subcategories and / or categories as source. Place the ‘Home’ header in the center or on the left edge of the page and also add an ‘In news detail’ page header.

Browsing news articles on the page is convenient: the following article loads as users scroll down the page. The link or URL in the browser is also updated when scrolling the page or article being viewed. This feature is possible thanks to infinite scrolling. In addition to news articles, the theme also features stylish galleries in full screen.

The Voux also integrates social networking plugins for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest, a first for ThemeForest. Shared data is stored in WordPress and is visible even in the background. The data cache retention period and the social media option to use can be changed through the theme options. Finally, the theme can be viewed on all devices while maintaining quality and without omitting any element of the original design.

Price : 59$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



GraceUnderPressureWordPress Themes For a Personal blog – Optimised for Touch


If you’re looking for an exceptional WordPress blog theme, look no further than GraceUnderPressure. This theme can enhance the browsing experience of your loyal readers. Its fully adaptive design allows you to accommodate all readers, even those who prefer mobile devices. Your posts will look great on tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops. The theme menu automatically hides when not used to maximize available screen space. If needed, it can be activated with a single mouse slip.

ypography is a very important element of blog pages. Many variations of fonts and contextual elements are available. These can be changed easily via the Google Directory section. If you employ multiple authors, everyone is entitled to appropriate recognition. GraceUnderPressure offers beautiful authoring profiles with avatar display. Profiles can also include a biography. This theme also incorporates a rich source of documentation.

Every change to blog personalization is easy to implement, since no programming knowledge is needed. In addition, the user can preview his choices before their application (instant feedback). If you want to try GraceUnderPressure, make sure you check out the live theme preview.

Price : 29$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



InkWordPress Themes For a Personal blog – to tell stories

Ink is a WordPress blog theme made with care. This theme is compatible with all versions of WordPress and is tailored to help bloggers share their articles in the most compelling way. Ink is intelligently designed and coded with attention to detail. This spectacular theme incorporates a perfect home page grid that highlights the elements of your portfolio, which is why this theme is particularly suitable for artists, graphic designers and professionals who wish to promote their works. Ink has all the necessary features for the blog. Despite its simple and minimalist design, it offers lots of shortcodes usable for a functional and adaptive blog. It also offers a beautiful typography to add relief to the overall design of your blog. And if you intend to make money with your content, the Ink Content Restriction plugin allows you to charge your customers for full access to your content.

Price : 55$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



PiemontWordPress Themes For a Personal blog

If you are looking for a modern high quality theme for WordPress, look no further than Piedmont. Its layout is sharp, fast and beautiful so that your page attracts a maximum of visitors. For those who want to create an interesting culinary blog, Piemont offers a wide range of features and an intuitive user interface. This theme can meet your needs regardless of the culinary niche of your site. It offers 5 variations of blog listing, over 20 headers, over 650 fonts and 4 layouts for post scroll bars. All this guarantees a unique and easily recognizable blog.

In terms of customization, users can change the color scheme of their culinary blog or implement predefined palettes. In any case, your site will have an impressive look. Although many options are customizable and editable, this product is very easy to use. Everything can be controlled via the Piemont Control Panel with just one click.

For more information about Piedmont, be sure to consult the complete documentation guide. If you prefer a more practical experience, a demonstration has been made available. In addition, you can now create reliable online stores through the WooCommerce plugin.

Price : 49$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



HimmelenWordPress Themes For a Personal blog 

Himmelen is one of the best blog themes for WordPress websites. It is simple and elegant. It can improve your page and supplement your content. You can tell your stories or tell incredible stories easily. Himmelen offers an unlimited number of blog styles and variations for the layout: 5 blog listing layouts, several header styles and 2 star post slider layouts.

As the user’s gaze will be focused on your writings, this theme has implemented many typography options. It offers more than 650 Google fonts for incomparable posts. Whatever your tastes or preferences, you can find a font that matches your vision. In terms of visual customization, the choice is not lacking. Himmelen has a range of unlimited color customization settings allowing you to display an attractive layout.

The user can easily import preconceived blog pages with one click. These can serve as a template for future customization and thus avoid you from scratch. Overall, Himmelen is a blog theme for those who value quality, attention to detail and professionalism. Its features may be suitable for any user, regardless of their programming experience.

Price : 49$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



WritingWordPress Theme For a Personal blog 

Minimalist but powerful, Writing is a WordPress theme that never fails to impress. It is fully retina-ready and adaptive to allow your readers to access all posts from their tablets and smartphones. In addition, this product is compatible with all major browsers. Writing will never be neglected by search engines since it is SEO-ready. This increases your chances of success by maximizing your site’s exposure.

Social sharing buttons have been implemented, in addition to 24 social sharing icons, some Facebook Open Graph Tags and various social icon widgets. With this theme, the user can choose a style of blog corresponding to his tastes. Writing has a variation of blog Masonry, Grid, Classic or List. The theme is WPML compatible for translation into all languages. RTL support has also been added for languages ​​such as Hebrew, Japanese, or Arabic.

Customers can easily customize the look and feel of their page with the unlimited range of color choices available. Writing is very easy to use, no advanced knowledge is required for the installation process or customization. The overall design is sober, pragmatic and focuses the reader’s attention on the essential: the content. Blog followers will enjoy an unparalleled online experience.

Price : 44$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



TulipWordPress Themes For a Personal blog 

Tulip is a responsive and wonderfully innovative WordPress blog theme, clean and refreshing, exciting and engaging, dynamic and easily customizable, easily navigable and user friendly, minimalist and understated, uniform and modern. Tulip has been developed with the utmost attention to detail to ensure a high quality product that allows webmasters from all backgrounds or skill levels to easily and quickly generate – within minutes – tasteful, stylish and refined blogs.

Tulip achieves this by deploying a full set of pretty blog layouts and post formats, all in harmony with various styles and niches, further deepened by unlimited visual customization options including an infinite color selection, crisp typographic options, and more. a personalized and sophisticated post pinned slider. With this, the whole world can contemplate your most accomplished creations instantly on your website. Tulip is perfect for bloggers who process a lot of image content because it has great tools for sharing high resolution images, galleries, and videos. It integrates these elements gracefully. Tulip, thanks to whom the grass is always greener!

Price : 39$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



The FoxWordPress Themes For a Personal blog

The Fox is an adaptive, fully customizable and intelligently designed WordPress magazine blog theme, clear and bright, very well structured and easily navigable, modern and trendy, attractive and seductive, exciting and unique, technologically homogeneous and graphically perfect, creative and innovative. This theme has been remarkably designed with the utmost attention to detail to make websites more simply and smoothly with beautiful results every time.

The Fox is perfect for magazine blogs that display a lot of visual content and are aimed at a wide audience. Indeed, it is equipped with many beautiful layouts and beautiful compositions Masonry style and sidebars on the left or right, 4 sidebars footer, a highlighted area to show your content the most recent or better quality and a post pinned featured to welcome your visitors and explain what characterizes you. More than 100 options have been integrated into the WordPress Live Customizer so that every section of your website has exactly the look and feel you want with a simplified failover interface for almost every available item. You can even press a button and get a beautiful layout of post text in two columns like newspapers! The Fox is cunning as a fox when it comes to showing your work to your readers for their enjoyment. Try The Fox now!

Price : 59$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



UncodeWordPress Themes For a Personal blog


Hundreds of blogs are created every second. In the face of such fierce competition, you need a theme that can give you an advantage. Unicode is a WordPress theme that can enhance every element of your blog. With a lot of useful features and a fully adaptive layout, this product can dramatically increase your number of views. Unicode can display your content on any device, regardless of the size of its screen. In addition, it also offers cross-browser compatibility.

Users can design their own layout through an unlimited range of possibilities. The process relies on a technology drag-and-drop, so it’s user-friendly. You do not have to be an encoder to create a nice layout. Uncode is optimized for search engines and is fast to load. Essentially, this theme deals with the tedious aspects of owning a blog, allowing you to focus on the essentials: writing. Users can present beautiful media galleries and flawless CSS3 animations. It is also possible to modify the typography of the post thanks to the implementation of Typekit, Google Fonts, Fontdeck and Font Squirrel. For those who wish to try Uncode, an instant preview has been added.

Price : 59$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



WeblyWordPress Themes For a Personal Blog

Webly is an adaptive, dynamic and colorful WordPress blog theme, aesthetically fresh and fresh, clean and well structured, modern and visually bright, easy to use and very user friendly, technologically clear and with professional graphic design. Webly is a thoughtful and focused theme designed exclusively to meet and exceed the expectations of all bloggers, professionals and amateurs. To that end, Webly offers a rigorous selection of useful and practical tools for all kinds of websites and blogs. These include: 5 post templates including Standard, Video, Link, Gallery and Audio, smooth and fluid CSS3 animation and transition effects, customizable logos and typography with Google Web Fonts, search engine optimization extensive so that the content of your blog is judiciously indexed and so that your ranking flies away in no time for all the relevant keywords. With more options for home page and layout of the blog – currently 4 and more to come – and a clean design optimized for readability so that users focus on what really matters: your content. Express yourself to the world with Webly!

Price : 39$      More details / Demo  Get hosting


Crystal :WordPress Themes For a Personal Blog

Crystal is a WordPress personal blog theme and magazine specializing in the presentation of textual content with beautiful design and developed with great care, graphically refined and harmonious, visually dazzling and stimulating, technologically sophisticated and extremely malleable, aesthetically refined and very elegant, powerful and flexible, highly customizable and adaptive. It’s packed with messy widgets, incredibly useful and time-savers, features, plugins, page layouts and page templates. All this makes Crystal a theme of unique power and technicality. It will seduce a large audience by catchy means and will immerse this audience in your content without being lost.

Crystal includes attractive features such as a reading progress indicator, which makes it much easier for users to eat your posts in full without missing a crumb, as well as a handy sidebar masking feature. the content homogeneously. With the included page creator, you can deploy these features and dozens of others using unique and custom-developed shortcodes via the shortcode generator to dramatically automate your workflow. Included with Crystal: 10 post formats and 5 blog styles to choose from, each with professional graphic design for readability. With a quick installation in one click, only a few minutes separate you from your own Crystal magazine or blog!

Price : 59$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



Applique :WordPress Themes For a Personal Blog – Fashion Blog Theme

Thousands of blogs are created on the internet every minute. If your goal is to become a successful blogger, do not associate your image with a mediocre website. Quality WordPress themes such as Fashion Blog promise to improve the overall quality of your page to more easily attract a large number of customers. Despite its name, this product can be used for any type of blog and not just those who follow the fashion industry. Fashion Blog has a well written and rational code and is entirely SEO-ready. Thanks to search engine optimization, your blog has a better chance of climbing the hyper-competitive rankings.

The installation process is very intuitive and user-friendly. In just 5 minutes, you’ll get a fully functional and complete page with amazing demo content. It is possible to increase your source of income by monetizing the blog. The theme has an affiliate Metabox and several dedicated advertising spaces. Your site will of course be Adsense-ready. As remarkable as your blog is, it will fail if you fail to form a consistent community of followers. This product incorporates social sharing buttons to facilitate the delivery of your content. In addition, posts can use Disqus or WordPress comment systems.

Price : 39$      More details / Demo  Get hosting



Vixen : WordPress Themes For a Personal Blog

Vixen is a highly responsive and versatile WordPress website theme, aesthetically clean and streamlined, minimalist and virginal, refined and professional, stylish and tasteful, technologically refined and configurable very easily, intuitive and well structured, reliable and very light, at the robust and mobile-friendly code. Vixen is a passionately and carefully crafted WordPress theme, designed specifically to enable webmasters from all walks of life and skill levels to create their own spectacular and stylish blog dealing with all kinds of topics with audiences of all sizes. Vixen was designed with a deliberately feminine twist that embellishes every page and demonstration website with a sober, subtle and sublime grace. Theme elements and content blocks are all easily accessible, editable, and configurable from the sophisticated options panel for intuitive and incredibly fast blog customization. Vixen has also been largely optimized for SEO and is compatible with leading SEO plugins on the market. All of these qualities make Vixen a very clever theme that will help you place your blog in a good position in the search engine rankings in a short period of time. Try Vixen now!

Price : 34$      More details / Demo  Get hosting

It was the list of Best WordPress themes for blogs in 2019 , which wordpress theme you will choose ?