best wordpress restaurant theme

Best WordPress Restaurant Theme

When I plan to invite my somoene to a restaurant that I do not know, I always try to consult the website. This allows me to get an idea of ​​what is on offer.

And unfortunately, most of the time, it does not make my mouth water.

I am not disappointed by the menus, or even the prices. I am disappointed, because a lot of restaurant websites were stuck in the year 1998.e

Let it be clear, I am not here to overwhelm this or that restaurateur. We each have our job.

I’m just saying that sending a good image of your business online is essential.

We are thousands of people looking to find a restaurant where to take our half, colleagues or friends. Admit it would be a shame to miss out on great food, just because the site does not appeal.

If you have a restaurant, I imagine that you are working to make your tables look good, to present beautiful plates, and to provide a quality service. So why leave your website?

I like to follow the trends of the blogosphere, especially those of the female blogosphere. And right now, it’s impossible to miss the healthy food and veganism trend. Two ways of life that are debated – especially the second – but which represent, in my opinion, a nice change in mentalities. The Food Porn has now had its day …

The restaurant owners are also in tune and offer a kitchen more and more fresh, healthy and refined. For example, many organic restaurants open in big cities.

Whether you are a blogger who wants to share recipes or a passionate restaurateur, I propose a selection of Premium “Food” themes to show your know-how and values! All you have to do is choose and install .

What is expected of the website of a restaurant

If you are still reading this article, I imagine you want to refresh, or even create a website for a restaurant with WordPress.

This article will introduce you to several themes that will help you to give a good picture of your establishment.

However, I want to warn you.

Although they are aesthetically beautiful, these themes embark a lot of things. Clearly, you will not need to use everything.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone looking for a restaurant. What is he wondering?

What do we eat here? – The kitchen of the restaurant (family kitchen, pizzeria, Japanese etc.)
What are the dishes? – The menu
How much does it cost ? – Forms and rates
Why should I go? – Are the customers satisfied?
Where can I book? – Contact details or a booking form
How to go there? – A map or a Google Map

In my opinion, the above points are the bare minimum of what is expected of the site of a restaurant.

Remember that your site must appetite people and above all, convince them to come to your home!

Today, I decided to present you a selection of the Best WordPress Restaurant Theme that, I hope, will allow you to find the rare pearl that will equip your site.

As usual, most of the links to these topics are affiliate links. This means that we will earn a small commission if you decide to get one.

This will help you reward our research and writing work.

Before presenting the results of our research, I wanted to clarify two things. First, I did not individually test the themes presented in this resource.

I have selected these, rather than others, because of their design, features they offer, or the reputation of their authors (via customer comments, for example).

In my opinion, this is the best thing today about premium restaurant themes.

Then you’ll find that some of them are available on Themeforest, the largest platform for selling WordPress themes.

On this subject, if you do not understand much about the licenses it offers, I advise you to use a tool created by the Marmite: the “Themeforest License Selector”. It will tell you what use you can make of your theme.

With that, I’m sure you’ll be able to put together the best restaurant website possible. You tell me the news.

Go ahead, prepare your knife and fork, put your towel around your neck: we immediately go to the tasting.

SAGE : premium “Food”  for WordPress Restaurant Theme

Sage is a theme specializing in catering and offers no less than 40 demos: Italian restaurant, Indian, Asian, Mexican, seafood specialties, sushi, ice cream, etc. Whatever your activity, you will find your happiness among all these choices!

Then, another quality not insignificant, this theme is beautiful! Below, three demos to testify to the aesthetic finesse of this theme. Clean, elegant and modern, this theme is a great success! Note that it gives pride of place to the image: your visuals are put forward and show your culinary skills to your customers.

Sage embarks with him some plugins that will help you sublimate your site: Visual Composer (and 23 elements specific to the theme), Revolution Slider and Essential Grid. You can customize it very thoroughly.

Sage is compatible with WooCommerce, so you can make your site a real online business. In addition, the theme offers various add-ons (pop-up, info bar, basket preview and slider) to help you improve your conversion rate.

You are restaurateurs? Do not hesitate !


Price : 59$      More details / Demo  Get hosting

BeTheme : Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Restaurant Theme

BeTheme is a versatile theme,one of the Best WordPress Restaurant Theme suitable for any type of activity. What interests us here is his demo GoodFood: fresh and greedy, I appreciate its visual identity quite pronounced. She has a soul: it is light and discreet, but supported enough to set it apart from some tasteless and matt design that we meet.

BeTheme offers its own Page Builder (Muffin Builder 3) or Visual Composer, as desired. Many options, shortcodes and page templates allow you to customize your site: layout, design, etc. Impossible to describe everything as this theme is rich in possibilities.

BeTheme is also compatible with WooCommerce.

Price : 59$      More details / Demo  Get hosting

Tavern – Professional WordPress Restaurant Theme

Tavern, another beautiful theme that would almost make me want to start catering! Once again, the images are highlighted: full page, they dress the site and put the water in the mouth!

Like Sage (both themes are designed by the same designers), it ships with the Visual Composer, Slider Revolution and Essential Grid plugins. The theme is compatible with OpenTable, a booking plugin that will allow your customers to book directly online.

Tavern is also compatible with WooCommerce.

Price : 59$      More details / Demo  Get hosting

Steak House : WordPress Restaurant Theme


Well, here is one who is not vegan! If I find that his design has a little less “soul” than those of the three previous themes, it is no less successful. Warm, friendly and pro, it will inspire confidence to your customers.

This theme is simpler than the previous ones – which can sometimes be gasworks for novices. Here, you will not get lost in the options, in the possibilities: there are less, but there is the essential.

This theme is not compatible with WooCommerce. Unless you put your hands in the code, you can only make it a showcase site. Steak House has good potential, is relatively simple to handle. But nevertheless it is not the best theme of the selection.

Price : 59$      More details / Demo  Get hosting

Organici : Organic Store & Bakery WordPress Restaurant Theme


Organici is perfect for selling products – fresh and healthy of course! Again, we have a theme that has a fine design, vitamin and refreshing! Its peculiarity is to offer the possibility of creating and selling boxes. They are very trendy at the moment, they are developing at full speed and Organici has come to terms with this possibility.

This theme also allows you to create Custom Post Type, which will allow you to create a very complete site. Finally, this theme is of course compatible with WooCommerce and it includes Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plugins.

You can do beautiful things with Organici!

Price : 59$      More details / Demo  Get hosting

Avocet : WordPress Restaurant Blog Theme –  Food

Avocet, I appreciate it for its dynamic and original layout. I like that the articles are not presented in a linear way, I like that there is movement, a “rupture” between the articles.

Apart from its attractive design, it does not stand out particularly in its category.

You can customize it because it offers, among other things, 8 different displays for your articles, 3 sliders to put them forward, areas of Call to Action and widgets particularly well designed.

Price : 29$      More details / Demo  Get hosting

Foodbook – Recipe Community, Blog, WordPress  Restaurant Theme


Come on, end suspense! The little bombshell of this selection is FoodBook! Well, I find its design a bit busy and I do not necessarily agree with some graphic choices (colors for example), but in terms of features, FookBook is perfect for sharing recipes! It allows you for example: the basics, that is to say give information on the preparation time, the level of difficulty and the number of calories (all with very nice pictograms), display a list of ingredients and steps in making the recipe.

Then, the small added value of this theme is to check the ingredients once you have all you need, and check the steps once you have done them, with a small indicator that tells you where you are. It’s certainly a little gadget, and when you have your hands busy in the kitchen, it is not necessarily convenient to come check on his computer. But I think of those who cook with tablets, and there I tell myself that it becomes very interesting to follow the thread, especially in case of long and complex recipe!

The recipes are particularly well highlighted, thanks to the many pictograms found in strategic locations. The theme is accountant with WooCommerce, it provides sites for advertising, for newsletter forms. Finally, for more sharing, you can make a collaborative blog, inviting your users to register and offer their recipes!

Price : 64$      More details / Demo  Get hosting

Delice Plus : Cooking or Crafting WordPress Theme

I put Delice Plus in the selection for its visual identity: many icons, color options and typography will allow you to create a food universe “Homemade”, friendly and warm!

Price : 27$      More details / Demo  Get hosting

Resca : WordPress Restaurant Theme

Resca is a theme for perfect restaurantcafebarbistrotavernsaloondinner website on the base of WordPress platform. WordPress Restaurant Theme Resca comes with excellent reservation system, you can choose either of two forms: Reservation form where you will fill in required information for an easy Table Booking & OpenTable form – Online reservation with OpenTable supported. This extra outstanding feature allows executive assistants, travel planners, recruiters, and other administrative professionals to easily make reservations on behalf of others and earn valuable OpenTable Dining Points.

Price : 59$      More details / Demo  Get hosting

NUVO : Cafe & WordPress Restaurant Theme

Modern and sophisticated: these are the two words that best describe NUVO which is a WordPress Restaurant Theme specifically built for sites run by restaurant, café and bistro owners. Each establishment has a style and feel of its own and this WordPress Restaurant Theme gives you the ability to choose between various demos that cater to each type of food establishment. Rest assured that you can find a design that will perfectly match your business whether it’s a Restaurant, Café or Bistro.

Price : 59$      More details / Demo  Get hosting

Last checks, before going to the table

You have just finished reading this article. With all these themes, you should have something to do with designer restaurant websites. Not to mention the bars and other coffee shops.

However, take the time to look at the demonstration sites and do not rush. Also note that WordPress themes with large images will require … large images. You will probably need to hire a photographer for this.

To match your establishment, the theme you choose from the best wordpress restaurant theme will certainly require some adaptations.

From now on, I would very much like to gather your point of view.

Begin by explaining to me, in comment, what theme you liked and / or which you want to acquire?

By the way, do you know any topics that I have not mentioned? Let me know just below.

And if you feel that this article can be useful to other people, do not hesitate to share it on social networks.